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What is Wholesale, and Why Should You Buy Your Lighting This Way?

What is Wholesale, and Why Should You Buy Your Lighting This Way?

If your business isn’t in the, well, in the business of retail or similar pursuits, you might not know much about the word wholesale. What does it mean, really? Though a quick internet search on the subject might lead you to thousands of articles, few provide a succinct enough definition to explain the concept to a layperson. Perhaps this is because wholesale is more than a word; it’s a way of doing business that drastically changes the way a given company provides for its customers—for the better. LED Wholesale Supply, as our name implies, has adopted this form of dealing in LED light fixtures and commercial lighting because we thoroughly believe that it allows us to bring you the best service at the most affordable prices out there. Buy your lights from us and experience the true difference wholesale can make!

Of course, though, we’re not here to make poorly outlined promises; we’re here to explain exactly what wholesale is, what it means for a given business, and how it helps us provide you with what we pledged to above.

What is Wholesale?

Wholesale describes a process in which a company—Company A, we’ll call them in this example—buys a large amount of product from Company B. Because such large amounts of that product are purchased, Company B frequently will give discounts to Company A. This means that Company A can then pass those discounts on to their customers, resulting in a cheaper product for the end buyer. It’s an innovative way of doing business that ensures that everyone—Company A, Company B, and the final purchaser—gets a great deal and ends up happy. But that’s not the only reason that businesses all over are becoming experts in wholesale; it allows them to better serve their customers in many more ways.

●        Wholesale encourages a company to build a brand network | If the product that a given company is selling fails to take off, where does that leave the business that bought it? Answer: with a whole lot of product and nobody to sell it to! Buying wholesale encourages businesses that do so to build a network of solid, success-worthy products in order to boost their profits. It also leads them to provide a variety of equally successful brands to their clients, as though every product in a given warehouse might be quality, every customer has different needs when it comes to said products.

●        Wholesale makes every business experts in their fields | Again, if the product a business purchases does not succeed, that product isn’t making them money. Businesses that work with wholesale techniques must know their field inside and out in order to select the highest quality products in their given sphere of the industry. When customers work with these companies, they then know that they have an expert on their side who has the hard-earned know-how to pick a product that perfectly suits their needs.

●        Wholesale keeps businesses at the cutting edge of their industry’s trends | Those who deal with wholesaling must constantly be on the lookout for the latest trends and innovations in their industry—how would they make a profit if they were purchasing old products nobody wanted? By doing business with a company that works in this way, customers have access to vast amounts of cutting-edge products all in one place and all with the purchasing help of an industry expert. What could be a better buying experience than that?

While wholesaling has many different subcategories that can affect these benefits, generally speaking, from a customer’s standpoint, buying from a wholesale supply is a smart choice. You’ll get good prices, you’ll have expert help, you’ll be able to learn about a variety of brands, and you’ll be able to get your hands on the latest and greatest products. It’s in part because we are a wholesale LED lights company that we can provide all of these benefits to you, our valued customer.

●        We bring you the best LED lights. Period | We’re at the frontline of our industry, and with the variety of brands we do business with, we’re the first to hear of new trends and new products. When you work with us, you can trust that you’ll be investing in the latest and greatest commercial lighting fixtures.

●        We’re so knowledgeable that we don’t just stop at selling LED light fixtures | We also provide energy audits. We’re a wholesale company that has expertise in everything from light bulb recycling to LED light brands; we’re your one-stop-shop for all things LED, and working in wholesale is a factor that contributes to this.

●        We have tons of brands available | We’ve built a network of brands that we feel embody what it means to make the “best LED lights.” We won’t try to sell you something that isn’t working, because we have something else that will. Plus, you’ll learn about the wide world of LEDs when you work with a wholesaler like us and be able to have a say in what product would work best for you. Working together will be a true partnership!

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