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Benefits of Intelligently Used LED Lighting Controls
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Benefits of Intelligently Used LED Lighting Controls

When we think of lighting controls, we typically think of lightswitches—simple wall-mounted devices, which enable us to turn our residential or commercial lighting systems on and off at will. Indeed, these seemingly plain devices are integral to a functioning LED lighting system, but for lighting industry professionals, they aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Vendors of the best LED lights and other commercial lighting companies alike, should they choose to offer installation of these items, must think long and hard about many things to ensure the customer’s satisfaction. Without intelligently utilized lighting controls, a set of the greatest LED light fixtures on its own is nothing!

●        The location of your lighting controls must be chosen carefully | Think about it: if you had to take a long hike up or down a stairwell in order to turn your lights on and off, you’re far more likely to leave it for the next person. The same goes for your employees. After a long day of work, they want to quickly shut down the facility and go home to their families. Therefore, where your commercial lighting team chooses to put your controls has a direct effect on how your lighting system is used, broadly speaking—how it impacts the vibe of your work environment, how much money you’ll save with it, and how sustainably your company can operate, to name a few areas of impact.

●        Which lighting controls you use also are an attribute worthy of thorough thought | While standard lighting controls are easy-to-use and classic in design, there are many more options on the market today that your lighting company might recommend to you. These can include dimmable manual controls, light-color-changing devices, or even automatic sensors! These selections, which offer a greater spectrum of lighting intensity options, can affect your workers’ comfort levels at many points of the day. While less lighting might be appropriate for a morning meeting (nobody likes to deal with glaring lights early in the day), more might be needed for an afternoon one (when everyone’s coffee is wearing off and a brighter room helps compensate). Therefore, the type of lighting controls you invest in has a relationship with your workers’ comfort on the job—and, by proxy, a direct impact on everything from their morale to their productivity.

●        What kinds of extra features you need on your light controls also must be considered | For example, certain control systems can link with applications, which provides an easy way to access your lighting remotely. These same applications can also tell you how your lights are performing. Whether or not you use these innovations is up to your business and your needs, but it certainly is an aspect of your control system that’s deserving of your and your lighting company’s attention. For certain facilities, going without these conveniences could be a nightmare!

As you can see, when it comes to commercial lighting, a lightswitch isn’t just a lightswitch. So many functionalities make it so much more, from its ability to affect your workers’ morale to its effects on how your light system saves you money and takes care of the environment. This is why, when you’re searching for commercial lighting professionals, you must choose one that understands the benefits of smartly placed and smartly chosen controls—like LED Wholesale Supply.

Just what are these benefits? We’re glad you asked! They correspond to areas of effect.

●        Smartly placed lighting control areas enable your lighting system to function at its best | With lighting controls placed in convenient reach of you and your workers, you can easily turn lights on and off at will. Your lighting system can better synergize with your business’s needs, which saves you money and creates just the vibe you’re looking for exactly when you want it.

●        Smartly chosen lighting controls cater to worker comfort | By investing in lighting controls that cater to many possible situations, you cater to as many possible comfort levels. What better way to boost worker morale and productivity?

●        The necessary extra features make sure your lighting system melds seamlessly to your business methodology | No matter if you’re an energy-conscious executive looking to cut down on your business’s environmental impact or a stressed-out small business owner with too much on your plate, the right extra lighting features shapes your lighting system into something perfect for your needs.

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