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The Basics of Retrofitting

The Basics of Retrofitting

When anyone, business owner or otherwise, thinks of the term retro, it often either brings back fond memories of times past or invokes an image of an outdated, yet somehow chic, style. However, when it comes to LED light fixtures, it’s often used to create the word retrofitting, and that word has nothing to do with being behind-the-times! Indeed, retrofitting is a smart procedure for many businesses that act to bring their commercial light fixtures into the modern world, bringing with it the host of benefits that such modernity so naturally carries.

But retrofitting is much more than a simple lighting upgrade; it details a specific process that many commercial lighting companies and their clients embrace in order to save money while also basking in the benefits of the best-LED light fixtures. Curious about retrofitting? Are you wondering if it could be the right fit for your business’s energy needs? LED Wholesale Supply, a Lakeville provider of wholesale LED lights, elaborates on retrofitting below: what it is, it’s situation-specific benefits, and if it could be right for your business.

Retrofitting: What You Need To Know

While retrofitting can be used in many contexts (not all of them specific to the lighting industry), it has become a bit of a buzzword in the commercial lighting field. The word, as we stated above, has nothing to do with being outdated; it describes a business making use of existing lighting fixtures and adding upgrades and adaptations to increase efficiency or enable new functions. Retrofitting doesn’t always refer to LED light bulbs, but it can be, and often is, used in such situations.

Why retrofit to LEDs instead of completely overhauling your commercial lighting system?

●        Economic reasons | Rewiring and purchasing entirely new fixtures can get expensive for many businesses, so some choose to work with their lighting systems as they are while still giving it a bit of a facelift. It can be smarter economically to take the retrofitting route, especially if you’re investing in energy-efficient LED light bulbs. Your energy costs will plummet, and you won’t have even needed to pay for an entirely new lighting system!

●        Environmental reasons | Exchanging your lights for more efficient LEDs can have major impacts on the environment. Because these lights can use far less energy than traditional fluorescents or incandescents, your business puts far less of a strain on the environment. If you’re worried about where your old lightbulbs will go and the environmental consequences of retrofitting, simply choose a commercial lighting company that has connections to a light bulb recycling business.

●        Familiarity reasons | Love where your current lightbulbs are at but crave the savings of LEDs? Retrofitting provides a handy solution. In the retrofitting process, the location of your lights doesn’t change, and you’ll have access to them from the same location, too. It enables you and your employees to go back to business as usual far more quickly than does an entire overhaul.

●        Design reasons | Say you need a certain space lit from directly overhead. You’ve got lights there already, but they’re far too dim to do their job correctly. LED retrofitting provides a great solution for businesses that already know their lighting systems and how they work inside and out. Because all that changes are the bulb types (and in some cases the technology used to make them work), your lighting system will remain in the same smart locations it always has. It’ll just work a little better after retrofitting.

●        Stress-related reasons | Face it: seeing your business’s walls torn apart, as would need to happen during a complete lighting overhaul, can be a little jarring. A complete lighting renovation is also an extensive process, requiring quite a bit of work on both the part of the company and the team of lighting professionals—not to mention time! Because all of this can add a lot to a business owner’s plate, some choose to opt for the simpler and less-invasive procedure of retrofitting. It’s easy, no-fuss, and no-frills, which is exactly what you might need during these trying times.

Contact LED Wholesale Supply for High-End Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Almost any business can benefit from a tailored retrofitting. Be it for economic, environmental, design-related, stress-related, or familiarity-related reasons, when you choose to retrofit, you’re beginning a process that is sure to bring something to the table and radically improve your business’s functioning—just like we strive to do at LED Wholesale Supply.

We provide personable, thorough, and individualized service to go right alongside our variety of quality brands, from Utopia Lighting to Spring Lighting Group. Whether you’re interested in our energy audits or simply need a wholesale lighting supplier to help you make the switch to LEDs, we’d be more than happy to assist with your business’s energy needs. Give our Lakeville office a call now at 952-392-9117 and get lighting help from some of the best in the industry.

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