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EarthTronics LED lighting used in an office setting.

Maximize the comfort of any commercial building with the installation of innovative LED lighting from EarthTronics. EarthTronics manufacturers LED bulbs and fixtures that are designed to create comfortable environments for commercial building spaces. Additionally, EarthTronics LED bulbs are significantly more efficient than conventional lighting options.

LED Wholesale Supply is a proud supplier of EarthTronics LED lighting. Call us to talk to an expert and learn more about our supply of EarthTronics products today.

EarthTronics For Your LED Lighting Needs

Since 2007, EarthTronics has been manufacturing innovative energy-efficient light solutions. Ideal for commercial lighting, EarthTronics specializes in developing LED lamps and fixtures. EarthTronics’ products perform highly with a dedication to give users a return on investment through rebates, lower energy use, and lower labor costs. Here are a few of the many advantages of EarthTronics’ LED products:

High Color Rendering Index

Using advanced LED technology, EarthTronics supplies products that offer a high color rendering index. This allows for a selection of natural coloring that promotes comfort for the eyes. This selection is ideal for any work environment where people will be working long shifts.

Selection of General Purpose Bulbs

EarthTronics manufactures a line of lights ideal for any kind of general purpose. Its use of LED technology creates EarthTronics bulbs and fixtures that can create comfortable environments where easy colors and lighting are preferred. This makes this selection ideal for businesses, such as retail stores, hotels, and restaurants.

Certified Products

Through thorough testing, EarthTronics products are made to meet certain standards set by energy companies. EarthTronics LED lamps qualify for a variety of ratings, which make them capable for rebates.

Dimming Abilities

EarthTronics crafts its bulbs and fixtures with simplicity and usability in mind. Because of this, EarthTronics’ products are made with dimming abilities that allow you to move the lighting from 100 percent to less than 10 percent. This is ideal for environments where a control of the amount light provided is desired.

EarthTronics products are an excellent brand for any commercial lighting needs. Its use of advanced LED technology keeps work environments comfortable and gentle on the eyes. Crafted with the commitment to save energy and money, EarthTronics products will make your lighting experience simple and enjoyable.

Call LED Wholesale Supply For Your EarthTronics Products

With a variety of color options and the ability to dim with certain fixtures, EarthTronics products can create a comfortable work environment for any commercial building. LED Wholesale Supply wants to provide a selection of LED lighting solutions from the best LED brands. If you think EarthTronics’ products are the best option for your project, call LED Wholesale Supply at 952-392-9117 to talk to an expert today. We can help you get the exact lamps and fixtures you need at an unbeatable price.