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At LED Wholesale Supply we pride ourselves in our supply of high-quality brands. We believe our customers should get leading brands at competitive prices. Among the leading brands we supply is EiKO—a lighting manufacturer based in the United States. With over 40 years in the industry, EiKO manufactures lighting supplies for commercial and industrial spaces. Our team of experts at LED Wholesale Supply is happy to answer any questions or inquiries you have about our supply of EiKO LED lamps and fixtures. Contact us at 952-392-9117 to talk with an expert today.

What is The Difference Between LED And Incandescent Lights?

EiKO offers a selection of both LED lamps and fixtures. When considering which lights to select for retrofitting a commercial building, it’s important to understand how LED lights hold an advantage over other types of lights, such as incandescent lights. Knowing how each light differs can help make you confident that Eiko lighting is the best option for your project.

Amount of Heat Produced

Because incandescent lights contain filaments that produce light when they glow, they produce noticeable heat. LED lights do not produce heat, as they have electrons that create light. This makes them easier to manage and safer to have in proximity to people and products.

Amount of Energy Used

Incandescent lights use a large amount of energy compared to their LED counterparts. Selecting Eiko LED lamps has the ability to lower energy-related costs in a commercial building because of their decreased use of energy. EiKO provides a variety of LED lamps and fixtures that can lower energy usage in commercial buildings.

Life Span

LED lights are known for their longer lifespans compared to other lighting options. While incandescents have lifespans of just a few months, LED lights can last roughly 10 years. LED lights allow businesses to save money on maintenance and replacement services.

Amount of Maintenance Required

Because LED lights have longer lifespans, they also don’t tend to malfunction in cold temperatures and they require much less maintenance than incandescent lights. Incandescent lights need to be replaced more frequently than LED lights.

Familiarity with these differences will assist you when deciding whether EiKO LED lamps are the best option for your project. There are several benefits that come from installing LED lamps in commercial buildings. EIKO offers a variety of LED lamps and fixtures that supplies retrofit and replacement solutions.

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At LED Wholesale Supply, we are confident that EiKO is a high-quality option that will fulfill your commercial lighting needs. We are happy to supply its wide range of LED lamps and fixtures. If you have questions about EiKO lighting, call LED Wholesale Supply to talk with an expert. We are happy to answer any questions or inquiries you may have about EiKO LED lamps and fixtures. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and our team of experts is ready to help you get the LED lights that your project needs.