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Espen Technology Distributors

Espen Technology’s penchant for innovation seems to be driven by its passion for sustainability. High-efficiency lighting is the name of the game for Espen, and the brand is dedicated to bringing green energy solutions to as many customers as possible—and, in the process, to building a better future.

The brand itself is built on four values:

  • Quality. This broad word has a very specific meaning to Espen Technology. The brand strives to create products that contribute to a customer’s success. Diversity and openness are key to Espen Technology’s values, and the company strives to add to and maintain its team of talented and innovative professionals, viewing this as an investment in the service of its customers.
  • Service. As a brand, Espen Technology lighting is dedicated to helping its customers reach their goals. The company views its clients’ ambitions as its own and believes great service is one of the best things it can bring to its customers—much like the professional team at LED Wholesale Supply!.
  • Reliability. A light that always goes out is simply no good. Espen Technology strives to bring its customers reliable lighting products that will grant its clients the peace of mind that comes with investing in high-quality LED products. Reliable lighting is more than a necessity; it cuts down on your stress by allowing your commercial business’s workers to do their jobs in safe and comfortable conditions, day in and day out..
  • Sustainability. Espen Technology is driven to support sustainable growth. Through innovation and supporting energy-efficient management, the firm hopes to reduce overall energy consumption. We’ve only got one planet; why not invest in a lighting brand that can help you save it?.

Espen Technology is available through various Espen technology distributors throughout the United States, including LED Wholesale Supply. You might not think that whom you buy your Espen Technology lighting from is that big a deal, as the end product is the same; however, at LED Wholesale Supply, we’re here to say that it does—more than you might imagine.

Why Use LED Wholesale Supply for the Purchase of Your Espen Technology Lighting?

We would be proud to help you with not just your purchase, but any of your LED lighting needs. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for countless LED brands. Not only can you buy these brands from us, but you’ll also receive professional advice on which brand is right for your commercial business’s needs. We sell everything from bulbs to entire fixtures, and we’ll help you figure out exactly what your facility needs before you contact an electrician. No more feeling lost when dealing with lighting industry professionals!

Through a unique partnership with a fluorescent bulb recycling firm, we also make recycling old bulbs a cinch. By recycling, you’ll prevent mercury from these lights from polluting water systems. You’ll also make sure the materials used to make these bulbs gets as much use out of their viable lives as possible, cutting down strain on everything from factory workers to the environment. At LED Wholesale supply, we’d be happy to help you make the responsible decision and recycle your Espen Technology old bulbs.

If you’re in the market for Espen Technology lighting or any other of our variety of brands, please don’t hesitate to give LED Wholesale Supply a call today at 952-382-9117.