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With its commitment to manufacturing lighting solutions that stand above competitors and other lighting options, Halco Lighting Technologies is a frontrunner among LED brands. At LED Wholesale Supply, we are proud to supply Halco lamps and fixtures for your commercial lighting needs. Halco Lighting Technologies has been crafting energy-efficient lighting solutions since 1974. With opportunities for rebates and increasing energy efficiency in commercial buildings, Halco lighting is an excellent option among the LED brands we supply here at LED Wholesale Supply.

Why Choose Halco Lighting Technologies?

Halco Lighting Technologies has been creating cost-effective lighting products for over 30 years. Its use of quality materials and precise manufacturing helps create its high-end Halco light bulbs and fixtures. Halco lighting supplies show almost immediate results upon installation. Its energy-efficient LED bulbs and fixtures will help business owners save money on high energy bills and additional lighting maintenance costs. There are a variety of reasons why you should consider Halco Lighting Technologies for your retrofitting needs, including:

Wide Selection of LED Options

Halco Lighting Technologies recognizes the value in energy-saving LED lighting. From LED wall backs to retrofit kits, Halco Lighting Technologies creates a variety of high-quality, energy-saving LED products.

Experienced and Trusted

With being in the industry since 1974, Halco is an experienced brand in the lighting industry. Halco Lighting Technologies products have supplied energy-efficient lighting solutions for buildings and companies for over 30 years. Retrofit your building with LED lights from a brand with years of proven customer satisfaction.

Rebate Opportunities

Save money on your investment with opportunities for rebates with Halco Lighting Technologies products. Halco LED lamps and fixtures meet qualifications that make them eligible for rebates with certain energy companies. Talk to an expert at LED Wholesale Supply to learn more about these opportunities!

Committed to Crafting Quality

Halco Lighting Technologies uses advanced technology and a careful testing process to ensure it’s creating high-quality products. Halco LED bulbs are manufactured with precision so they’re ready to provide commercial buildings and companies with high-end lighting.

Halco Lighting Technologies is a leader among LED brands because of its commitment to create high-quality lamps and fixtures that are designed to save companies energy. We are proud to offer a selection of its products at LED Wholesale Supply.

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If you’re looking for high-quality LED lamps and fixtures that have been tested for quality assurance, call LED Wholesale Supply today. We can help you fulfill your supply of Halco Lighting Technologies products that will make the lighting in your building energy efficient and low maintenance. At LED Wholesale Supply, we are happy to answer any questions you may have on LED brands and products. We want you to have the best LED lighting possible in your building. Call 952-392-9117 to speak with an expert today.