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Spring Lighting Group, founded in Texas, sets itself apart by its determination to stand behind its products. According to the company’s official website, SLG LEDS are backed by a ten-year warranty, and the firm has pledged to make redeeming this warranty easy. In 2017, Spring Lighting Group also launched its “SSQ” guarantee, allowing consumers to return products for a full refund if they do not believe the SLG LED in question fits “sales sample quality.” The vertically-integrated lighting manufacturer seems determined to make things perfect for their customers, no matter how big or how small a business they serve.

In addition to its quality and viability guarantees, Spring Lighting Group’s official website attests to the firm’s commitment to customer service. Fast shipping and competitive pricing mean that your lighting project won’t get held up, and the company is committed to providing customers a quality product that will last for years to come. On top of that, Spring Lighting Group also donates a portion of its earnings to a philanthropic cause; what more could you ask for from your lighting manufacturer?

If the manufacturer you are buying from has such a great reputation, you may wonder if the distributor who sells that product matters just as much. At LED Wholesale Supply, we’re here to say that it does. We’re proud to be Spring Lighting Group distributors, and we know that what we bring to the table is an integral part of a positive LED shopping and/or retrofitting experience.

Why Choose LED Wholesale Supply for SLG Wholesale?

We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers. We’re more than just a lighting sales firm; our drive and extensive variety of services makes us one of the best Spring Lighting Group distributors around.

  • Our energy audits will tell your firm exactly what you need. Before you even call up your electrician, our team’s energy assessment will give you a deep understanding of what sorts of services you’ll need and what the installation process might look like for your individual firm.
  • We make recycling easy. With the help of our partner, CleanLites Recycling, we can help your business recycle its old fluorescent bulbs in a snap. Do your part in keeping our environment clean by choosing a Spring Lighting Group distributor that can help you with the entire retrofitting process from start to finish.
  • We’ll be there every step of the way. Our firm’s mission is not just to sell SLG LEDs; we’re determined to help you find the right solution for your facility’s energy and aesthetic needs. We take our job seriously and understand the impact our services have on businesses everywhere.

If you are looking for the best wholesale SLG lighting at the best prices, and you don’t want to compromise on service, give LED Wholesale Supply a call today. We’d be privileged to provide your firm with smart, innovative LED lighting solutions. Contact our office at 952-392-9117.