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At LED Wholesale Supply, we recognize quality, which is why we supply lighting solutions from the best LED lighting brands Universal Lighting Technologies is a leading manufacturer in the LED lighting industry. Offering advanced LED retrofitting and replacement solutions for decades, Universal Lighting Technologies is known for producing products that are of the highest quality and durability. For more information on our supply of Universal Lighting Technologies LED products, contact us at 952-392-9117.

Why Choose Universal Lighting Technologies?

Universal Lighting Technologies remains a frontrunner among LED lighting suppliers. With over 70 years of experience, Universal Lighting Technologies is a superior option for commercial retrofitting and design-build projects. Universal Lighting Technologies specializes in LED, which makes it an optimal choice for your project. There are several benefits to choosing Universal Lighting Technologies products, including:

Opportunity For Rebates

Universal recognizes a company’s ability to receive rebates for products that meet certain energy qualifications. Because of this, Universal offers LED lighting products that meet certain qualifications that will get you easy upgrades and eligible for rebates. Ensuring the LED lamps and products installed during the retrofitting process will qualify for rebates can help save money and make the process more affordable.

Wide Variety of Lights

Universal Lighting Technologies offers a range of LED lighting products that are specified for commercial and industrial environments. From protective fiberglass fixtures to reliable and luminating lamps, Universal’s selection of LED commercial lighting supplies is extensive and durable.

Prompt and Efficient

Universal Lighting Technologies follows a prompt shipping process that allows us to receive the products quickly. The fast shipping process allows us to keep our high-quality inventory stocked, secure, and prepared for your wholesale needs. As one of the leading Universal Lighting Technologies distributors, LED Wholesale Supply will ensure your LED supplies are in the best shape for your project.

Extensive Experience

With over 70 years of LED lighting manufacturing experience, it’s no wonder why Universal Lighting Technologies is a leading brand in the industry. Through years of reaching high-quality standards, Universal Lighting Technologies’ products are designed to make commercial lighting long lasting and energy efficient.

At LED Wholesale Supply, we are proud suppliers of Universal Lighting Technologies products. A leading manufacturer in universal lighting, Universal is an optimal choice for your commercial LED lighting needs.

Your Universal Lighting Technologies Supplier

Because we are firm believers in high-quality products here at LED Wholesale Supply, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you Universal Lighting Technologies as an option for your commercial lighting needs. Customer satisfaction is our priority, so we want our customers to have the highest quality brands when it comes to their LED lighting supplies. Being one of Universal Lighting Technologies’ distributors, we are knowledgeable about the brand and able to answer any questions you may have about it. If you’re interested in having Universal Lighting Technologies products for your next retrofitting project, contact LED Wholesale Supply today to speak with one of our experts about this option.