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Recessed LED Lighting.

At LED Wholesale Supply, we offer extremely competitive pricing for LED lights that are energy efficient and long lasting. Our supply of LED lights and LED light fixtures will enhance the retrofitting process of any commercial building that will allow businesses to save money. We work hard to supply products from leading brands at the most competitive prices. If you want a wholesale lighting selection that is versatile and affordable, contact LED Wholesale Supply to talk to an expert today.

Your One-Stop-Shop For LED Lighting Needs

Consider us your “one-stop-shop” when it comes to your commercial lighting needs. At LED Wholesale Supply, we start by conducting energy audits to ensure companies have good understandings of exactly what they need prior to contacting an electrician. We then supply a competitively-priced selection of LED lighting necessities from bulbs to commercial lighting fixtures. Finally, through our partnership with CleanLites Recycling, we will make your retrofitting process a breeze by offering additional recycling services for old fluorescent bulbs, ballast and lighting fixtures. 

Transitioning from fluorescent to LED lights has never been easier with LED Wholesale Supply. From kicking off the process with an energy audit to supplying high-quality LED lighting materials, our team of experts is happy to help you take on this project with confidence and ease. To work with a commercial lighting company that is professional and experienced, contact LED Wholesale Supply. Talk to an expert to get your commercial lighting project started today.

Advantages of LED Lights

At LED Wholesale Supply, we pride ourselves in our wide selection of competitively priced LED lighting fixtures and bulbs. When retrofitting or designing a commercial environment, LED lights remains a leader among commercial lighting options because of the benefits they supply.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Compared to other common lighting options, LED lights consume lower amounts of energy. LED lights stand as one of the leading options for commercial lighting, as they can substantially decrease energy costs for spaces that keep the lights on for long periods of time.

Long-Lasting Lighting Option

Rather than burning out completely after a certain point, LED lights dim over time. LED lights also last longer than fluorescent lights, making them an ideal option for large offices and commercial buildings. Additionally, because of their long-lasting nature, LED lights require less maintenance, which reduces labor costs for companies.

Wide Range of Color Options

As opposed to fluorescent lights that supply a colder, washed-out tone, LED lights come in a wide range of colors. The array of options provided by LED lights allows you to find the right tones and colors that fit best with the environment.

Ability to Withstand Colder Temperatures

LED lights’ ability to operate at an advanced level in colder temperatures make them ideal for cooler environments such as freezers and garages. Rather than failing and malfunctioning like other lighting options, LED lights operate with efficiency in colder temperatures.

Ability to be Controlled/Dimmed

LED lights’ designs make them able to be more controllable than other lighting options. With the proper LED light fixtures and controls, LED lights can be dimmed to detailed percentages.

Rebates on Retrofitting

At LED Wholesale Supply, we recognize that saving money is an important part of maintaining any business. We are happy to inform you that you can save money on the retrofitting process through the installation of commercial lighting that meets certain energy ratings. Energy companies offer rebates that will give you back a percentage of the original cost. For information on requirements to earn a rebate through a particular energy company, be sure to reference its website and rebate application forms.

Design-Build Assistance

Starting a building from the ground up can require many careful decisions and thorough planning. Make the process simpler and leave your lighting supply needs to LED Wholesale Supply. We sell LED light fixtures and other commercial lighting materials based on your building’s design. Our team of experts can provide you exactly what you need to carry out the building’s design intended and electrical plan.

Your Commercial Lighting Company

When it comes to commercial lighting fixtures and bulbs, leave your worries to LED Wholesale Supply. We offer products from high-quality brands at competitive prices. If you have a specific brand in mind you think would be best for your project, let us know, and we would be happy to supply it for you! We are driven by customer satisfaction and we are here to make your commercial lighting experience easy and satisfying.

Call LED Wholesale Supply at 952-392-9117 to talk with a wholesale lighting expert and get started on your project today.