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LSI Lighting: Customer Service and Growth

LSI Lighting is a strong contender in the LED industry. Founded in 1976 in a tiny facility with only six employees, the brand has grown considerably since then, acquiring other companies and making its mark as a customer-focused business with a strong consideration for the needs of its customers. Headquared in Ohio, the company strives to bring high-performing and energy-efficient lighting to its clients at an affordable price.

From outdoor LEDs to indoor LEDs and everything in between, LSI products have countless uses and functionalities. If your business is interested in sustainable lighting solutions, LSI has you covered there too. The company’s website links to numerous organizations and government websites to provide resources for anyone seeking an environmentally-friendly lighting solution.

As a LSI Lighting wholesaler, LED Wholesale Supply is proud to offer a wide array of products. We’re driven by a deep passion for serving our customers, and we’d be honored to be able to create lighting solutions that work for you. Contact us today at 952-392-9117 to get started.

Why Choose LED Wholesale Supply

Finding an experienced LSI Lighting wholesaler is critical to finding the perfect lighting solution – one that’s customized to fit your individual needs. At LED Wholesale Supply, we’re proud to serve this integral role, and we’ll work hard to go above and beyond what you might expect from an LSI Lighting distributor.

  • We’ll help you recycle your old fluorescent bulbs. Through our partner, CleanLites, we’re able to recycle fluorescent lights. Show the environment the respect it deserves and save yourself the cleanup and hassle.
  • We conduct an energy audit to begin our retrofitting process. Before you contact your electrician, we want to make sure you have all the information and background knowledge you may need. This is why LED Wholesale Supply conducts energy audits before retrofitting begins.
  • We’re client focused. We work collaboratively with our clients to devise lighting solutions by listening to their concerns and answering questions. You deserve to be informed.
  • We offer design-build assistance. Constructing a project from the ground-up can be an extensive and stressful process. We’re here to relieve a bit of that stress by working with you to devise lighting solutions according to the design of your building. Our collaborative, solution-based approach lends itself to design-build projects.

Ready to see if LSI Lighting is right for your commercial business? Give your Lakeville LSI Lighting dealer a call now at 952-392-9117.