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Sylvania Ultra LED and Other Sylvania Products

As a brand that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, Sylvania has long since made its mark as a leader in LED innovation. The company’s history speaks to a lifetime spent trying new approaches and seeking a positive way to impact the lighting industry, whether that meant renewing old bulbs to sell or striving to increase the longevity and strength of its products.

At LED Wholesale Supply, we recommend Sylvania LED lights for their versatility. From consumer-grade products to commercial lighting, the brand is suited for a variety of contexts and applications, providing an LED solution for everyone – especially businesses. The company’s official website lists countless commercial applications for its products, from retail to offices to industrial settings.

We’re proud to partner with a brand that shares our vision of making a positive impact on the future. When you choose us as your Sylvania LED supplier, you’ll be doing business with a company that truly cares for its customers and their lighting successes. Contact us today! We’ll make the LED retrofitting process easy and efficient.

Why Choose LED Wholesale Supply

We’re firmly committed to making a better future for our customers. As a Sylvania LED dealer and supplier of countless other lighting brands, we pride ourselves on our versatility and ability to address multiple client concerns.

  • We make retrofitting easy. Are you considering switching over to Sylvania Ultra LEDs for their energy efficiency? From energy audits to client-focused consultations, we can lead the entire process to discover a retrofitting solution that works for you.
  • Respect the environment with our recycling program. Helping our clients through the entire retrofitting process is what we do best. With the help of CleanLites, our recycling partner, our process includes recycling your old Fluorescent bulbs. We’re working to create a greener world through this recycling program, and we’d be honored as a Sylvania LED dealer if you choose to join us in this pursuit.
  • Don’t know where to begin with your lighting renovations? We’re here to help. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. No matter where you are in your decision-making process, we’d be happy to start you off with an energy audit and consultation. Together, we can discover if Sylvania Ultra LED is right for your business.

To work with the most customer-focused Sylvania LED supplier in the Lakeville area, contact LED Wholesale Supply today at 952-392-9117.